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womanizer FAQ

Can the womanizer in the common love of the game to be included?
Yes, because it opens up new possibilities for the man to indulge intensely his partner.

Can the Womanizer be used in the bath or in the shower?
No, because it is not waterproof but water resistant thanks to its special effect principle.

How was tested for stimulation of the operation womanizer?
In a study of 50 women aged from 20 to 60 years, the operation was very successful and tested “very good” rated “outstanding”. Read this, please evaluations of the study in the press.

Is overwrought or damaged the clitoris while using the womanizer?
No, because during stimulation there is no direct contact with the clitoris. Please note however, our manual.

How does the stimulation?
The womanizer active principle stimulates her clitoris contact. The treatment head is placed over the clitoris. This is easily sucked and stimulated via microprocessor-controlled pressure waves. A sparkling new feeling of pleasure and crowned with intense orgasms she is now spoiled.

Is the womanizer technically tested and certified?
Our adult product meets all requirements and standards and is of course also CE approved and provided with appropriate certification. Maximum hygiene is guaranteed by the interchangeable head stimulation from medical grade silicone.

How often should I recharge the battery of womanizer?
The built-in lithium ion battery lasts per charge for up to 240 minutes of pure pleasure and could be charged using the included USB cable connected with your computer or mobile phone charger  in approximately 70 minutes.

Please refer to our detailed instructions.
For further questions please contact them at enquiry@womanizer.com.sg available.

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